The world is eager for poets. In 2016, more people spent their hard earned money on poetry books than any other year on record. When times are dark, the world always turns to poets for empathy, for answers, for words, bucking and new. Palette Poetry is here to paint our small part of the world with truth through poetry, as hopeful and eviscerating as truth can be.

We have no particular aesthetic vision or mission. Our goal is to simply find and publish the best poetry we can, no matter its roots in craft.

Send us your very best.

Submissions for our Featured Poetry category are open year round to poets at any stage of their career. All Colors are published online only and will feature a number of poems from new authors each month. We highly encourage emerging authors to submit.

We are thrilled to offer significant payment to our partner poets: $50 per poem, up to $150. We are proud to be paying for published pieces but will be highly selective in our choices for publication.

We also warmly invite under-represented and marginalized voices to submit. Our aim is to be an accurate representation of the diversity of our beautiful community. Your voice is valued here.

  • Submissions are open internationally, to any poet writing in English—other languages are okay to include, as long as the meat of the poem is in English.
  • Send us only your best. We will be extremely selective.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions—just please send us a note if your work is picked up elsewhere (We want to say congrats!)
  • All submissions must be no more than 10 pages and no more than 5 poems.
  • We do not accept multiple submissions. Please submit all your poems in ONE document.
  • Please include a cover letter with your publication history
  • Expect 8-12 weeks for a response

The Editors

We know how lonely writing can be—often we do it without any real professional support, because the words must come out. At Palette, we'd love to offer folks the opportunity for a little of that professional support, simply and without hassle—thus our feedback letters. 

Please make sure to select the appropriate add-on payment before submitting.


With each letter of feedback, our editors apply their expertise to your poem and relate back in 1-2 pages what they liked and didn't like, practical and clear avenues of improvement, and suggestions for places of future submission.

Meet our current team of Editors who do this work: Joshua Roark, Heather Derr-Smith, Velid Beganovic Borjen, Raina Leon and Carol Potter.

We can't wait to meet you and your words!


For February, we will be learning about the poetic line, with James Logenbach's The Art of the Poetic Line as our source text. As for all of our webinars, this will be a mixture of lecture, discussion and workshop, and will occur on the last Saturday of the month. Please fill out the appropriate forms and read the assignments before joining.  

Webinar Details

  • webinar will go live on February 29th
  • open to all poets at any stage of their development and career
  • participation is encouraged but not mandatory
  • a video download will be available after the webinar airs
  • reach out to contact@frontierpoetry.com with any questions

Learning Objectives:

  • to briefly survey the poetic line through history, its development to contemporary trends
  • to understand Logenbach's theory of "dynamic force" and his system of three different methods of breaking the poetic line
  • to be able to identify the ways in which award winning poets are employing the dynamic force of their lines to keep the reader engaged
  • to create a new piece with a focus on employing the dynamic force 
  • to edit an old piece to better employ the dynamic force


We are so excited to offer this unique service to our poet community! The Individual Curriculum and Development Program will be open for up to 5 poets a month to receive mentorship from our Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Roark (MFA and Certificate in the Teaching of Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles). This program is modeled after a low-residency MFA, with a "packet" of work and feedback between the poet and the mentor for each month purchased. Practical and actionable development of the poet's craft is the highest priority for the program. You'll also receive:

  • an invitation to the exclusive slack channel for poets in the program—which offers space to chat with your mentor and fellow poets, discuss readings, workshop with fellow poets, talk poetry news, celebrate acceptances, share deadlines, etc.
  • a reserved spot in a webinar of the poet's choice.

Program Details

Each packet is based around a month's schedule—although poets are welcome to adjust the program to what works best for them. Online discussion will be on going throughout the program. 

Step/Week 1: To begin, you will send the mentor your first packet of material: responses to a questionnaire about your primary concerns and previous experience, as well as 3 original poems. 

Step/Week 2: Your mentor will return your packet with original feedback and notes on revision (developmental and line-by-line). You will also receive an assigned collection of poetry, assigned craft-focused readings to support your efforts to create new and revise old work, and unique prompts to help produce new poems.

Step/Week 3: You will read, revise, and write! This is the meat of the program: your interaction with the assigned material, with guidance available online from your mentor.  You will be asked to produce an essay in response to the craft reading, an essay in response to the collection, three new poems, one revision.

Step/Week 4: You will send your final packet of work to the mentor and schedule a 60 minute phone call / video chat to discuss the material and talk through your future development as a poet. 

For emerging poets, this contest only accepts submissions from authors with fewer than two full length collections out at the time of submission. The winning poet will be awarded $3000 and publication on Palette Poetry. Second and third place will win $300 & $200 respectively, as well as publication. 

The top ten finalists will be selected by the editors, and guest judge Ilya Kaminsky will then select the winner and two runner ups.

Ilya Kaminsky was born in Odessa, former Soviet Union in 1977, and arrived to the United States in 1993, when his family was granted asylum by the American government. He is the author of Deaf Republic (Graywolf Press) and Dancing In Odessa (Tupelo Press). He has also co-edited and co-translated many other books, including Ecco Anthology of International Poetry (Harper Collins) and Dark Elderberry Branch: Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva (Alice James Books). His awards include the Guggenheim Fellowship,  the Whiting Writer's Award, the American Academy of Arts and Letters' Metcalf Award, Lannan Foundation's Fellowship and the NEA Fellowship. His poems regularly appear in Best American Poetry and Pushcart Prize anthologies. He has also been awarded Poetry magazine's Levinson Prize. Dancing In Odessa was named the Best Book of the Year by Foreword magazine. Deaf Republic was the finalist for 2019 National Book Award, Forward Prize (UK) and T.S. Eliot Prize (UK).  New York Times’ Notable Book for 2019, Deaf Republic was also named Best Book of 2019 by Washington Post, Times Literary Supplement, The Telegraph, Publishers Weekly, The Guardian, Irish Times, Vanity Fair, Lithub, Library Journal, New Statesman, and other publications.

Submission Guidelines

  • For this Prize, we are only accepting work from emerging poets—poets with no more than two full-length collections published at the time of submission.
  • Submissions are open internationally, to any poet writing in English—other languages are okay to include, as long as the meat of the poem is in English.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions—just please send us a note if your work is picked up elsewhere. (We want to say congrats!)
  • There is no page requirement, but submission must be no more than 3 poems. Please submit all your poems in ONE document.
  • We are only accepting unpublished work with this contest.
  • We do accept multiple submissions, but each submission will include the reading fee.
  • Please include a brief cover letter with your publication history.
  • Review our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.
  • Contest closes on April 19th, 2020.


Palette Poetry