The world is eager for poets. In 2016, more people spent their hard earned money on poetry books than any other year on record. When times are dark, the world always turns to poets for empathy, for answers, for words, bucking and new. Palette Poetry is here to paint our small part of the world with truth through poetry, as hopeful and eviscerating as truth can be.

We have no particular aesthetic vision or mission. Our goal is to simply find and publish the best poetry we can, no matter its roots in craft.

Send us your very best.

Submissions for our Featured Poetry category are open year round to poets at any stage of their career. All Colors are published online only and will feature a number of poems from new authors each month. We highly encourage emerging authors to submit.

We are thrilled to offer significant payment to our partner poets: $50 per poem, up to $150. We are proud to be paying for published pieces but will be highly selective in our choices for publication.

We also warmly invite under-represented and marginalized voices to submit. Our aim is to be an accurate representation of the diversity of our beautiful community. Your voice is valued here.

  • Submissions are open internationally, to any poet writing in English—other languages are okay to include, as long as the meat of the poem is in English.
  • Send us only your best. We will be extremely selective.
  • We accept simultaneous submissions—just please send us a note if your work is picked up elsewhere (We want to say congrats!)
  • All submissions must be no more than 10 pages and no more than 5 poems.
  • We do not accept multiple submissions. Please submit all your poems in ONE document.
  • Please include a cover letter with your publication history
  • Expect 8-12 weeks for a response

The Editors

Community Feedback is our recurring column that provides an opportunity for our audience to get some exceptional feedback on a poem from an exceptional poet or educator. This category stays open year round, and we will do our best to not let you wait too long without hearing from us.

You can view an example feedback post from our editor, Joshua Roark, here.


  • Please include only one poem in the submission
  • Include a short 3rd person bio in your cover letter
  • If one month your work is not chosen, you may resubmit new work later on

We are excited to open up for submissions this unique opportunity!

If you are currently working on your second book, in any stage of the process as long as it is publishing this fall of 2019 or later, we would love to help you. 

Our editorial team wants to give you notes, wants to help you find those connections and relationships that lead to marketing opportunities, wants to amplify your release strategy and make your second pub day truly special.

The second book can be such a difficult child to usher into this world, and we all need to look out for each other. Let us help you!


  • Submit a sample of your manuscript, up to 15 pages
  • Submit a cover letter explaining where you are in the development process of the manuscript (writing, sending out, with a publisher, etc.), the publication history of your first collection, and your general publication bio
  • Poetry should be at least majority English
  • International poets are welcome to apply
  • First book must have debuted with a publisher or press, not self-published
  • Closes this summer, June 30th

Hey team,

Upload an in-progress poem here for the team to workshop and discuss!

You all are the best.


(Do not submit to this category unless you are a member of the Palette Reading Team)

Palette Poetry